Bathroom trends for 2022

It will be on full display from natural stone countertops to sustainable flooring and even cabinetry. Our attention is progressively turned towards our planet and the environment, our buying habits are continuing to become more eco-conscious, and this shows no sign of waning. Bathroom trends: Following a year of work and schooling at home, people have started to gain back confidence and positivity in everyday life and their homes. This shift towards a more optimistic mindset has begun to be echoed in interior design and space choices. Bold, individual style statements are being made, and a desire for warm tones and comforting shapes is prevailing. Read on to discover which trends will be taking over your bathroom. 1. Rounded shapes Nature is embraced in the form of raw, organic surfaces and products. Smooth curves will replace sharp lines, and there will be a more organic and less stark appeal to bathrooms. Even your bathroom storage ideas can integrate into this trend by choosing cabinetry with smooth, rounded edges and softly curved baskets. 2. Marble surfaces A subtle statement in 2022 can be achieved with the trend for marble in the bathroom with white and grey shades to create more grand schemes. A feeling of luxury can be created through the many door hardware and electrical accessory choice offered that contrast against marble tones. Cabinet hardware options provide a coordinated appearance with the marble veins. 3. Natural colors An anticipated trend in 2022 is the introduction of soft shades of green into the bathroom area, whether in the form of plants, feature tiles, botanical wallpaper, or even artificial moss walls. Green evokes a natural sense of harmony and peace, so it’s no wonder it is beginning to grow within designs as the bathroom is that one room of escape for many family members. It’s not only earthy greens taking over – any of the primary colorways inspired by nature will be seen in bathrooms this year. Calming and bright colors are set to take the interior industry by storm, with off whites, gentle sages, and warm blues; 2022 seems to be continuing the theme of making homes cozy and comforting. 4. Aged brass When planning a bathroom, finishes can often get overlooked until the end of the project. The fact is, they will likely have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Finishes should be a substantial consideration from the beginning. In terms of bathroom trends, there is one central stand-out, Aged Brass. Aged Brass adds instant warmth to a minimal scheme. It offers the perfect contrast for tiled bathrooms and an elegant edge to classic marble bathrooms. It is anticipated to become one of the major home design material trends. Aged Brass’s finish is achieved by chemically advancing the aging process of brass to give a bronze look. It is unlacquered and will develop over time, wearing and lightening in some areas and darkening in others, depending on the environment it’s in and its cleaning and maintenance. 5. Sustainability As with so many areas of our lives and homes, sustainability is a natural trend leaning into the year ahead. People are thinking more about how much we waste, bringing thoughts for the environment to the forefront of their minds. The bathroom trend is to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible, including bathroom flooring, sanitaryware, and lighting. 6. Industrial elements As popular as natural colors, materials and textures will be in bathroom trends for 2022, industrial detailing is predicted to go strong. Crittall shower doors and exposed pipework are two ways this is mainly used in the home. A black frame can coordinate with a matt black shower valve, overhead rain shower head, and elegant handset. NOTE: Cittall shower doors take inspiration from the steel-framed windows manufactured by British company Cattrall Windows since the 1800s. Internal glass panels and a low threshold tray make a stunning combination. Alternatively, a Smart Design bi-fold door or single pivot door can give an industrial look and create the perfect illusion of space in a compact bathroom. 7. Monochrome A classic black or white freestanding bath will never go out of style, while a simple monochrome color palette is sleek and sophisticated. It also doesn’t date as quickly as many of the latest color trends. Black and white are one of the most effortless looks to pull off effectively and be easy to live with and adapt to your taste. Striking, strong, sleek, matt black is a modern classic and a natural alternative to chrome within interior design. A matt black shower frame and fixtures can create a bold focal point when paired with warmer tones of grey against white ceramics. 8. Wet rooms and walk-in showers Wet rooms and large walk-in showers were once reserved for plush hotels and ultra-modern homes. However, they’re growing in demand. Homeowners are reclaiming the bathroom as another living space in the house as opposed to being a purely practical room, and instead dedicating more space to a luxury shower area that puts the focus on wellness and relaxation.’ Led by the trend for minimalism and clean lines, walk-in showers and wet rooms lend themselves to this trend by creating an open feel to a room. Removing the bathtub opens up the room and can add a real wow factor. 9. Supersized marble Marble is enjoying a moment in the spotlight, with it being used in abundance in bathrooms and bolder slab-style applications. For a timeless look, go for large-format tiles, so there will be fewer grout lines, and you’ll achieve a cleaner, more luxurious look. 10. Color-happy tiles While basins and baths have steered away from bold color this season, this certainly isn’t the case when it comes to bathroom tiles. Hexagon or metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are a great way of adding personality with plainer tiles. Or go all out with bold colors. 6. Streamlined storage With clean lines and sleek shapes, a big trend for bathrooms, storage follows the same lead with built-in vanity units, floating shelving, and bespoke cabinetry a critical look. The trend is to avoid placing many small pieces of freestanding storage around a bathroom. It always ends up looking messy and cluttered. Look to swap a pedestal basin for a vanity unit. Floor-hung fittings look neater, and with the extra storage, surfaces stay clutter-free. 7. Low-level lighting Dimmers are a hugely popular bathroom trend right now, as low-level lighting turns on automatically when you enter the bathroom – fantastic for night-time visits as you don’t fumble for the switch. Bathroom lighting ideas are all about creating an experience; something as simple as an illuminated mirror can significantly impact. It casts a subtler glow than harsh overhead light and can help to create a tranquil atmosphere. 8. Wooden finishes The establishment of stripped-back, sawn, and treated grains is set to expand from the more expansive home into bathrooms in a big way. Bringing the outdoors in, hand-crafted woods create a peaceful, tranquil surrounding, which perfectly suits the proposed bathroom space 13. Calm sanctuary Our bathrooms are not just for washing your hair anymore. There is an emphasis on embracing spa bathroom trends and everything that goes with it. Building on the mindfulness trend, trick your bathroom out with all the accessories to create a soothing environment that you will want to linger in. Embrace a neutral color scheme with pops of greenhouse plants. Accessorize with candles, crystals, and a wooden stool for lounging around on. But no spa-bathroom would be complete without the must-have bathroom accessory trend, the bath tray, perfect for balancing a cup of tea and all your bath time essentials. What are the bathroom colors for 2022? Bathroom trends for 2022 impact color choices, and the natural touch is seen here, too. Neutral palettes coupled with natural finishes and bold accessories – marble, slate, and wood will be featured heavily. 14. Color Color, in general, is itself a bathroom trend for the year ahead. There has been a shift away from practical white bathrooms into those with more color and personality; it is anticipated that this trend will continue well into 2022.