Cleaning expert shares money-saving mouthwash sink cleaning hack


A cleaning expert has shared a simple cleaning hack that makes use of a bathroom cabinet staple. Next time you’re cleaning your sink and notice an unpleasant smell, do away with your supply of the best cleaning products and try pouring a splash of mouthwash into the sink instead, says Kelly.

The cleanfluencer recently shared the mouthwash sink cleaning hack on her Instagram ( She explains that it banishes smells and keeps things hygienic.

Kelly is a digital creator constantly providing reviews and tips to her 86,000 followers.

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Mouthwash sink cleaning hack

‘If you suffer from a stinky bathroom drain, then I highly recommend mouthwash,’ says Kelly. ‘It’s something we all have in our bathroom cabinets and it’s a fantastic, cheap way of keeping your bathroom drains not only smelling fresh but all so hygienically clean too.’

Our drains can get a bit whiffy due to a build-up of germs and bacteria, combined with toothpaste and hair, she says. And while these won’t block you sink, they can create a foul odour.

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You can also use baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water to get rid of smells naturally, or try some concentrated disinfectant.

Lots of people commented on the mouthwash sink cleaning hack, saying they’d give it a go. ‘I use this tried and tested tip of yours a lot,’ said one.

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Another follower shared their own tip, reminding people to clean the overflow drain with a little bleach and water if it’s become moldy.

Make sure you don’t turn the tap on for at least half an hour after pouring mouthwash down the sink. Then pour down hot water and this will leave you with a minty fresh sink.

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