The best drawer organisers for a tidy home – for your cutlery, clothes and your makeup


A drawer organiser or two is a must-have if you find yourself constantly rummaging through your drawers and cursing yourself for not tidying them up earlier. They can save precious minutes when you’re trying to locate a specific kitchen utensil as you cook dinner, or the lipstick you had in mind as you rush to get ready in the morning. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get a sense of satisfaction every time you open your drawer and you’re greeted with a calming oasis of organisation. 

We use our drawers to store things away and reduce visual clutter, but their usefulness decreases when we start chucking things in them with no sense of structure or arrangement, promising ourselves that we’ll tidy them properly in the future. That’s when a drawer organiser can come in to help you create and maintain order in your drawers, whether they are storing your cutlery, clothes, or office supplies.

Before purchasing any type of drawer organisation system, you’ll need to think about the current contents of your drawers and where you think an organiser would be the most useful. We’ve selected some of the best drawer organisers on the market that will help your day run a little smoother, covering all the bases from your kitchen, workspace and even dressing table.

Buying a drawer organiser is just one of the many solutions to help you squeeze more things into your home – and to help tidy the areas that are hidden away. If it’s your bedroom that you are focusing on, then drawer organisers can definitely solve the issue of having a small chest of drawers. However, for clothes that need to be hung, a wardrobe organiser would be undoubtedly handy.

Here are the best drawer organisers out there for a neat and tidy space.

The best drawer organisers for a tidy space and a tidy mind

Kitchen drawer organisers

Tiny kitchen? Small amount of cupboard space? First thing’s first: invest in a kitchen drawer organiser to make more space for dinnerware, oven trays and much more.

Joseph Joseph Drawerstore Expanding Cookware Organisers: £27.99 from Amazon
This adjustable rack from Joseph Joseph is designed to store the bulky kitchen items that are often the biggest source of mess in our drawers. It’s great for storing pans, lids, and baking tins, and comes with scratch-proof wire dividers that can be inserted anywhere along the length of the unit, providing easy access for difficult to reach items.

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Uppdatera Pegboard Drawer Organiser: £15 at IKEA
This one’s great for those of you looking for an organisation system that can be easily adapted according to your kitchen drawer’s contents. Alongside a mat to cover the base of the drawer, this set contains 32 pegs which can be placed anywhere on the mat to divide your utensils. Ideal for pots, plates and bowls, the Uppdatera Pegboard Organiser will stop your larger kitchen items from moving around and becoming disorganised.

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Lakeland Chrome Plated Bakeware Organiser: £14.99 at Lakeland
Baking trays and tins are often the utensils that end up precariously stacked on top of one another with the imminent threat of toppling over as soon as we shut the drawer. This Chrome Plated Bakeware Organiser from Lakeland is a great option for deeper drawers that can hold larger utensils, and the rack has differently-sized slots so all your cookery can be kept neatly together.

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Makeup drawer organisers

Store your lipstick collection in style and in safety with help from a makeup organiser, specifically these ones below. It’s the only way to keep your dressing table tidy.

Unique Impression Set of 11 Drawer Organiser Trays: £14.99 at Amazon
The transparent design of this 11 piece organiser set is ideal for storing makeup because it gives you a clear overview of where everything is. The compartments come in a variety of sizes, so you can store all your makeup and cosmetics in one place, from eyeshadow palettes to foundation brushes and lipsticks. And bonus, the drawers have been designed with anti-slip silicone feet so that they stay put.

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The Home Edit & iDesign Angled Drawer Organiser: £13 at John Lewis & Partners
Opt for this angled drawer organiser if you want a clean, clutter-free look in your makeup drawer. The angled design makes products easy to view and reach for as you’re getting ready, and it’s ideal for keeping your favourite products close to hand. Plus, aesthetic palettes and bottles look great when displayed on this too.

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Dragan Extendable Bamboo Storage Box: £17 at IKEA
Place this bamboo storage unit inside your drawer to keep your cosmetics organised in a slightly warmer way than the clear makeup storage units. This one from IKEA looks great in bathroom drawers, plus it works well in vanity units too.

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Desk drawer organisers

Whether you have a dedicated home office or you work in a corner of your living room, in order to keep on track of paperwork and your growing stationery section, you’ll need a desk drawer organiser. This understated home office storage idea is one that can make a drastic change to your workday.

KUGGIS Insert with 8 compartments: £7 at IKEA
This easily inserted organiser from IKEA is great for keeping your office supplies in compartments, so that chaotic desk drawers can be avoided. The sections are sized differently so they can store smaller stationery pieces alongside notebooks, cables, and headphones. It enables a good overview of your desk drawer so you can quickly locate what you need, and is really affordable too.

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EasyPAG Mesh Drawer Organiser: £11.99 at Amazon
Your desk drawer has never looked better with this sleek, mesh-look organiser from EasyPAG. Your stationery will stay neat and tidy, and there will be no more frantic searching for a pen every time you need to jot something down, as a quick glance will give you a clear overview of where everything is.

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Cutlery drawer organisers

We’ve got plenty of kitchen storage ideas to share, including the use of a cutlery organiser to help keep this drawer looking neat and tidy.

Maison & White Bamboo Extending Cutlery Drawer: £17.99 at Amazon
With 6-8 adjustable compartments, this bamboo cutlery drawer can be extended to fit a range of differently sized drawers. Perfect for separating your utensils and offering space to keep larger spatulas and tongs organised too.

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Addis Kitchen Sense 6 Compartment Drawer Organiser: £10 at Dunelm
This no-fuss cutlery tray is an easy addition to any kitchen drawer, and a fail-safe way of keeping your kitchen utensils organised. There are 6 compartments and the tray has silicone grips at the base so that it stays put when your drawer opens and closes. This is a great affordable option for those of you looking for a simple yet effective way of tidying up your cutlery.

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Clothes drawer organisers

If you are searching for bedroom storage ideas, then an easy way to make space in your chest of drawers is with help from a clothes drawer organiser or two.

Periea Drawer Organiser for Closet: £17.99 at Wayfair
This set from Periea contains 3 drawer organisers, ideal for storing underwear, socks, and accessories. They will provide a home for individual items that would otherwise end up disordered and messy, and allow you to quickly see what pieces are available to wear as you get ready for the day.

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DEEDPF Foldable Clothes Drawers: £10.99 at Amazon
Jeans and trousers can be amongst the tricker items of clothing to keep tidy, whether they’re hung up on a rail taking up a good chunk of our wardrobe, or stacked on top of each other in a drawer. These foldable clothes drawers from Amazon are spacious enough to neatly stack jeans and trousers against each other, and provide an alternative method for organising your clothes.

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