Changing this home essential is an easy way to transform any room


Radiators so often don’t get the love and respect they deserve when it comes to decorating choices for our homes. Despite playing a key role, radiators are the one accessory that we give less consideration to. We put paint, wallpaper and just about every other accessory ahead in the decision making process, yet radiators will instantly bring the whole decor down. Designer radiators can totally transform any room, and if you shop smartly it doesn’t have to blow the budget.

There’s nothing worse than a beautifully decorated room with an unattractive radiator taking the shine off. But with so many fabulous designs out there there’s no real excuse to let radiators detract from the style factor – especially because there are affordable options that will add a high design element.

Why radiators can do more than heat your home

Image credit: Radiator Outlet; White Single Flat Panel Vertical Radiator, £134.95

When a wall needs a radiator, why make it want for anything else? Use the design to add a little finesse. Take, for example, the chic, contemporary designs available at Radiator Outlet, where the attention to detail makes every inch of the heating essential feel like an installation to be marvelled at rather than boxed in and concealed from sight. An on-trend vertical design stands out for all the right reasons, and with prices starting from £89.99 it can be more affordable than you think.

Radiator Outlet is the ideal place to start your search for your stylish heating solution. It offers high quality radiators for any style of home or decor, etc at affordable prices. Whether you want to inject a modern touch to your bathroom with a statement vertical radiator design or make a stylish first impression with a designer-looking radiator in your hallway, it really is the place to start your design journey.

Attention to detail can make all the difference

Image credit: Radiator Outlet

Imagine the impact a radiator like this on-trend grey design would make in a hallway! Even the valve is chic in a wooden-effect finish. It’s this attention to detail that elevates these radiator designs to more than merely a heating solution. Instead they become a considered design installation for any room.

I consider myself an authority on how transformative the right radiators can be, as a homeowner who let a dated unattractive radiator be the first thing guests saw when they entered my home. What was I thinking? My mistake was quickly corrected when I decided that it was time to invest in new radiators, because sometimes no amount of paint and fixer-upper attitude is going to do the trick.

The plentiful shopper reviews online is a good place to gauge the high quality products at great price points – customer feedback is priceless when looking to make an investment for your home. What is it they say? ‘The proof is in the pudding.’ Good reviews speak for themselves. So if you’re looking to replace your tired-looking radiators visit Radiator Outlet to see the wealth of choice to find the perfect design to suit your personal style.

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