COCOCOZY x etúHOME: Behind the Collection


The collaboration between COCOCOZY and etúHOME began over a year ago. It all started on a phone call with Stacy Borocz, the founder and owner of etúHOME. During an important time in our history, Stacy expressed wanting to collaborate with a black designer. We developed a special friendship that led to this beautiful collection. The hardest part about creating this collection was keeping it quiet. I have this disease from college called O.S.S. (Oversharing Syndrome). I is a huge relief to finally announce this collection to all of you.

The Phone Call

Stacy and I had numerous phone calls brainstorming ideas of what our collection will look like. Stacy works with a design team based in Hungry. They create beautiful products, but nothing spoke to me. I turned away from my computer screen and saw one of my COCOCOZY pillows on the sofa. Then it clicked! Since I started COCOCOZY ten years ago, I have designed 60 copyrighted textiles. I pitched the idea of engraving my logo and designs on boards. Stacy loved the idea and ran with it!

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