If you’re selling a house, then updating the paint scheme will likely be on your mind. A fresh coat of paint on your house exterior and interiors can go a long way to impress potential buyers.

But while a carefully chosen colour profile will increase the value of your house, not all paint trends are good for your house value. Some colours can actually devalue your home.

Paint colours that devalue your house

1. Mid green

Green is a very trendy colour, currently popular in every room in the house, with many people brainstorming green bedroom ideas. However, not all shades of green are appealing to buyers, and you should especially avoid mid and dark greens when painting the exterior of your property.

Zoe explains that this is because colours ‘that blend in with the surrounding foliage as it can look unappealing.’ And overly dark green shade will also ‘make it difficult for potential buyers to notice your home.

Instead, she suggests incorporate deeper greens through porch accents and living things. Plants can accentuate the lighter shades on your walls.’

Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

2. Dark brown

This is a big no-no in decorating a house for sale. Zoe says that the reason dark brown is so unappealing on a wall is that people associate this colour with ‘dirt’, and ‘it can clash with wooden furniture and make a room appear dingy.’

You can still use brown if you like a rich, natural colour scheme, but choose softer shades of brown, as they are a good alternative when paired with muted colours of grey.

3. Citrus green

While an overly dark green can make your home look nondescript, overly bright green can also spell disaster for your house value. Zoe recommends avoiding shades that are so bright they ‘resemble neon.’

‘Whilst they stand out, they can be unappealing to others and are more likely to clash with your furniture,’ she says. If you do want to try a brighter shade of green, Zoe’s tip is to opt for ‘soft sage on a feature wall, ideally one you see when you first enter the room.’

4. Bright yellow

Image credit: Future PLC

Yellow has always been a controversial colour in interior design – some people really like it and find it cheerful. However, shade choice is key, especially if you’re selling.

Soft, pastel yellows are usually fine, but Zoe says it’s best to avoid the brightest yellow, which ‘can be overwhelming in your home.’ As an alternative, she recommends trying a rich ochre shade paired with white, ‘a toned-down version of the cheerful palette.’

You can also experiment with yellow and grey living room ideas – another pairing that softens the yellow.

5. Bold black

Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

Black is another love-it-or-hate-it colour that may be best avoided if house value is your main priority. While black living room ideas have been trending for several years, Zoe believes that black is best left for ‘small accents such as the shutters, for the desired dramatic effect.’

Remember when people are looking to buy neutral is nearly always best. Bare that in mind if you’re giving your home a spruce up before selling.

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