Instagram is obsessed with this nostalgic Primark bedding


There’s no escaping it ruffles and frills are back in fashion in all their 80s glory. Whether it is a flounce on a table cover or a fill on a cushion edge they’re here to stay. It’s no small wonder then that Primarks frill bedding has stirred up a large fanbase on Instagram with its retro looks.

No longer reserved for girly 80s and 90s bedroom ideas, Primarks frill bedding is the perfect example of the modern interpretation of ruffles that are pretty, but grown-up. The simple marshmallow pink bedding is made out of 100 per cent cotton and features a rough frill all the way around the edge of the pillowcases, and down the edges of the duvet cover.

Primark frill bedding

When an image of the bedding appeared on the Primark Homes Instagram account it quickly clocked up over 8,000 likes, with shoppers swooning over the set in the comments, and keen to note its retro appearance.

‘Very retro!! Takes me back to a holiday in a B&B in Blackpool in 1980. In a good way ,’ commented one shopper.

‘My god that’s s throwback I had this in the 80s as my bedding as a child,’ wrote one fan. ‘Might have to get it again.’

‘This is so pretty ,’ commented another.

Priced at just £20 for a double set, the bedding is an affordable way to dip into the nostalgic frill resurgence. However, remember that despite the 80s references these aren’t the same ruffles as you remember seeing at your nan’s.

Image credit: Primark

The passion for all things frilly has grown out of the Cottagecore and Cluttercore trends that embrace accessories, floral patterns, and all things pretty in their abundance. However, we’re huge fans of how Primark has styled their ruffle bedding in the post, with a minimalist backdrop in a muted putty shade. Rather than an overdose of sweetness, the filled bedding is the perfect extra texture dimension to a pink bedroom idea.

We would pair the bedding with beige textured throw pillows for an earthy twist on this pretty trend. Alternatively, you can fully embrace the cottagecore aesthetic with a bright, richly coloured cushion in a Liberty print or floral pattern.

Better act quick as we predict this bedding set is going to sell out quick.

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