New Movie: Blue Beetle opening August 18th


Release Date: 

Fridqay August 18, 2023 Nationwide 

sequences of action and violence, language, and some suggestive references

What’s it about?

In the vibrant and bustling city of El Paso, the sun shone brightly as Jaime Reyes returned home after completing his college journey. He was filled with hope and dreams of a future brimming with possibilities. The anticipation of reuniting with his family and old friends filled his heart with joy. Jaime’s infectious smile spread across his face as he stepped onto familiar streets, the memories of his youth flooding back.

However, as Jaime entered his childhood home, he felt a hint of unease. The neighborhood seemed different—quieter, with a tinge of melancholy in the air. His family, usually lively and welcoming, greeted him with tired smiles, their eyes reflecting their struggles during his time away. Jaime’s heart sank, realizing that home had changed while he was gone, but he was determined to make a difference.

As he searched for his purpose in the world, Jaime explored the city more than ever. He visited old haunts and made new friends, trying to understand how he could be a source of positivity and change in his community. One fateful day, as he ventured into an ancient museum, fate intervened in the most unexpected way.

A hidden chamber within the museum revealed an alien relic, an enigmatic artifact known as the Scarab. Intrigued and drawn to its mysterious aura, Jaime cautiously approached the relic. Little did he know that his life was about to be forever altered. The Scarab, recognizing a kindred spirit, chose Jaime as its symbiotic host, bestowing upon him an extraordinary suit of armor unlike anything the world had ever seen—the Blue Beetle.

As the armored suit wrapped around his body, Jaime felt an immense surge of power coursing through him. The suit’s metal plating transformed into a mesmerizing cobalt blue, and intricate patterns of alien technology glowed with celestial light. The Scarab’s energy intertwined with Jaime’s, creating an unbreakable bond that went beyond the confines of this world.

From then on, Jaime embraced his newfound identity as the Super Hero Blue Beetle. The suit granted him incredible abilities, allowing him to soar through the skies like a comet, fire beams of energy that could topple buildings with a mere thought, and create protective shields to safeguard innocent lives. His powers were extraordinary and unpredictable, but Jaime was determined to master them for the greater good.

With every heroic act, Jaime’s confidence and belief in himself grew. He faced challenges head-on, standing up to bullies, thwarting criminals, and even helping rebuild the community he loved so much. The people of El Paso welcomed their new guardians with open arms, and the cheer and hope in their hearts reignited as they witnessed the rise of Blue Beetle.

Jaime’s family, initially concerned about the dangers of his newfound abilities, soon realized that their son was destined for greatness. They rallied behind him, supporting his heroic endeavors and providing love and encouragement through every triumph and setback.

As word of Blue Beetle’s deeds spread, other heroes from the DC Universe reached out to offer their guidance and mentorship. Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Batman recognized the potential within Jaime and welcomed him into their heroic fraternity.

But amidst the exhilarating heroics and global recognition, Jaime never lost sight of his roots and the importance of his community. He remained grounded, spending time with his family and friends, volunteering at local organizations, and inspiring the youth of El Paso to dream big and work hard for a better tomorrow.

Jaime Reyes, the once-uncertain recent college graduate, had become an emblem of hope and inspiration for millions. His journey to find his purpose had led him to become a Super Hero, not just by wearing an extraordinary suit, but by embodying the values of compassion, justice, and determination.

And so, the Blue Beetle soared through the skies, leaving trails of blue light in his wake. With every adventure, he knew he was living his destiny, forever changing the world and embracing the happiness of fulfilling his true purpose.

Cast List 

Xolo Maridueña … Jamie Reyes 

Bruna Marquezine … Penny 

Belissa Escobedo … Milagros Reyes 
Hocus Pocus 2   

Harvey Guillén 
Strays, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish   

Raoul Max Trujillo … Carapax 
The Last Manhunt   

George Lopez 
The Underdoggs, Rio 2   

Adriana Barraza 
Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Monica   

Elpidia Carrillo 
Madres, Green Ghost And The Masters Of The Stone   

Damian Alcazar 
Olvidados, Cronicas   

Raoul Trujillo 
Apocalypto, The New World   

Susan Sarandon 
Tammy, Maybe I Do   

Sharon Stone … Victoria Kord 
(In Talks)What About Love, Satisfaction