Stylish, Innovative, Efficient Products Featured in The New American Home 2023


Situated in the foothills of Black Mountain overlooking the Las Vegas strip, The 2023 New American Home in Henderson, Nevada’s Ascaya Community is centered around entertainment, but with a focus on energy efficiency and a user-friendly selection of the latest smart home products, it’s designed to do so much more. 

Built by Las Vegas-based LUXUS Design Build, the 7,575-square-foot “Byron Bay” property is a model of industry progress and cutting-edge innovation. Read below for a list of products that made The New American Home 2023 a reality.

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Broan-NuTone Indoor Air Quality System

Overture, Broan-NuTone’s fully automated, whole-home fresh air system, uses sensor technology to continuously monitor and exhaust air pollution caused by increased humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, carbon dioxide, and small particles. The system automatically activates the nearest ventilation fan or range hood to remove contaminated air while bringing in fresh outside air. The system features three modules that can be monitored and controlled in real time using a mobile app.

IBS #C6714

Broan-NuTone indoor air quality system

Steel Garage Doors by Clopay

Clopay Modern Steel garage doors offer year-round comfort and noise reduction with the company’s patented Intellicore polyurethane insulation. Doors are available in three-layer, two-layer, or one-layer steel and insulation constructions with R-values up to 18.4. All Modern Steel doors offer a flush or grooved steel panel design and multiple finish options. 

IBS #C1825

Clopay steel garage door

Exterior Stone From Environmental StoneWorks

Part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family, Environmental StoneWorks includes installation in its start-to-finish philosophy. The brand’s Grezzo Collection features a modern stone style with a full palette of colors and five size options for fireplaces, exteriors, and extensive remodels.

IBS #C5207

Cornerstone exterior stone

Crestron Smart Remote Control for the Home

Crestron‘s TSR-310 handheld, touch-screen remote can control thousands of connected devices in the home, including TV, audio, lighting, security, and temperature, the company says. The remote offers voice controls as well as custom engravable buttons and profile settings.

Crestron home system remote

Signature Kitchen Suite French-Door Refrigerator

With precise temperatures and a five-mode convertible middle drawer, the built-in French Door refrigerator from Signature Kitchen Suite keeps food fresh and organized. Lift and Go Bins and Drawers offer organizational versatility, while the refrigerator’s movable snack drawer provides customizable space for extra-large serving platters. Available panel-ready or in stainless steel. 

Signature Kitchen Suite french door fridge

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets From Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

The Elements Collection from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is a modular, freestanding cabinet and drawer set available in a variety of colors and finishes. The collection includes nested drawers; doors and drawers with integrated handles; and a range of configurations, such as storage cabinets with the option of pass-through cabinets; as well as cabinets for grills, refrigerators, and trash. 

Danver Elements outdoor kitchen collection

Insulation by Fi-Foil

Fi-Foil’s HY-Fi Hybrid Wall & Ceiling Insulation is a multilayered radiant insulation solution for framed walls that can be combined with any mass insulation for improved thermal performance. The product is commonly used with spray foam to minimize excess waste and gain flexibility for last-minute electrical system changes. Solid and perforated versions are available in 16-inch and 24-inch widths.

IBS #SU443

Fi-Foil insulation

Knauf Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Knauf’s R15 HD Performance+ fiberglass batt insulation products are designed for sound control, low dust, and superior fire rating, the company says. The insulation is asthma and allergy friendly and certified to be low-VOC to help enable improved indoor air quality.

Knauf fiberglass insulation

Kohler Digital Shower System

Kohler’s DTV+ Digital Showering System integrates water, steam, lighting, and music for a multisensory showering experience that can be customized using a simple touchscreen interface. The DTV+ system features a completely digital thermostatic valve and is compatible with Kohler Konnect shower kits for consolidated control. 

Kohler DTV+ smart shower system

Back-Up Generator From Kohler

Kohler’s 20 kW and 24 kW generators automatically engage during a power outage or storm to deliver enough electricity to stand up to extreme weather and keep appliances working, heat or AC running, and security systems on. Units are equipped with heavy-duty, commercial-grade engines that and provide backup power within 10 seconds. 

Kohler 24W back-up generator

Home Heat by LG

The LG Multi V S Heat Pump and Heat Recovery unit VRF lineup offers a range of heat pump sizes, and all Multi V S models are compatible with the full lineup of Multi V indoor unit styles. The Multi V S offers a compact footprint, and models with LGRED Technology deliver continuous heat down to -13° F for residential and small commercial applications. 

LG heat pump and recovery unit

Power Monitor by Schneider Electric

The Wiser Energy connected energy monitoring system from Schneider Electric can be installed into any electrical panel. The system uses machine learning to understand how homes use electricity and presents that information via a user-friendly mobile app. Pairing it with the company’s Wiser Control Relays allows homeowners to automate which loads remain on during a power outage, thereby extending the life of any backup power source.

IBS #W2964

Schneider electric energy monitor

LG Front-Load Washer/Dryer Pair

LG’s front-load washer and dryer pair features the brand’s Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) motor for quiet but powerful performance, the company says. The washer detects the volume and weight of each load and uses AI sensors to identify fabric types to program an optimal wash cycle. It also uses the company’s patented Smart Pairing feature to automatically send the optimal setting information directly to the compatible dryer.

LG washer and dryer

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster’s Ultra-Quiet Smart Opener with Dual LED Lighting brightens high-traffic areas of the garage with 1,500 lumens. A subtle DC-powered motor pairs with a strong belt drive system for smooth performance, the company says, and Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery works with compatible LiftMaster garage door openers for convenient, secure package delivery inside the garage. 

IBS #W1732

Liftmaster garage door opener

Underground Gas Pipe From TracPipe

The TracPipe PS-II Underground Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) System from Omega Flex is a pre-sleeved, “one-step” gas installation system for underground, rooftop, or exterior wall applications. TracPipe PS-II can be installed under building slabs, roads, or driveways, the company says. 

IBS #C2108

OmegaFlex gas pipe

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

The Rinnai Sensei Water Heater is a compact unit that can be installed either inside or outside, saving space for usable square footage in and around the home. Sensei uses recirculating technology to provide “instant” and consistent hot water, even in homes without a dedicated return line, the company says. 

IBS #C5907

Rinnai tankless water heater

Sherwin-Williams Air-Purifying Paint

Sherwin-Williams‘ SuperPaint with Air Purifying Technology reduces VOC levels from potential sources such as carpet, cabinets, and fabrics using technology that transforms air-borne VOCs into water molecules and a harmless inert gas, the company says. The coating’s antimicrobial agents also inhibit mold and mildew growth, mitigating bacterial odors.

IBS #C5830

Sherwin Williams air-purifying paint

Retractable Screens by Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens’ retractable insect screens enable all-season, pest-free indoor/outdoor living while providing effective sun shading to reduce cooling energy costs. The screens are easy to operate with the press of a button and remain out of sight until needed, preserving curb appeal and access. 

Phantom Screens retractable insect screen

Wine Rack by VintageView

The Helix Wine Rack from VintageView uses a helical design that allows homeowners to hang bottles off walls or posts. The ultra-lightweight, durable bottle storage mounts start at just 3 1/4 inches in total depth, making it the world’s slimmest label-forward, wall-mounted wine rack, the company claims. The system installs directly to drywall or wood surfaces, is available in two depths and three finishes, and features a post system for floor-to-ceiling mounting up to 15 feet.

IBS #C1764

VintageView wine rack

Pergola by StruXure

StruXure’s newest product, Cabana X, is designed to create a nonpermanent shade solution in outdoor living spaces. The streamlined design consists of four posts, four beams, and 17 pivotable motorized louvers operated by a remote hand-held device. Cabana X requires no permits and can be assembled in a couple of hours, the company says.

IBS #SU227

StrXure outdoor pergola

Simpson Strong-Tie Wood Shearwall

The Strong-Wall WSWH high-strength wood shearwall from Simpson Strong-Tie is a prefabricated engineered wood panel that resists strong forces from high wind and earthquakes, the company says. The code-listed shearwall is field adjustable and can be trimmed and drilled on site to accommodate varying heights or rake walls. The shearwall features patented wood-fuse technology for strength and ductility plus design flexibility.

IBS #C2130

Simpson Strong-Tie wood shearwall

Transitional Cabinet Styles From Wood-Mode

The Moditional Collection from Wood-Mode includes Toulon, Cologne, and Linear doors as well as Pescara, a new introduction with beveled molding. These inset door styles comprise the latest collection in Wood-Mode’s full-overlay transitional offerings.

Wood-Mode moditional collection