4 Remodeling Project Orders Expected in 2022


The use of one’s home has changed. With more people working from home and more kids learning remotely, the need for more space and better utility is driving home remodeling in different directions.

#1 Mudrooms with Better Utility

Grocery store deliveries and drop off areas for packages have become part of everyday life. Homeowners are looking at underutilized space in their homes to satisfy their needs. Could an area in the garage or laundry room be renovated?

Additional functions in high demand are pet washing stations with an oversized sink or shower pan and storage; specified storage for each family member; laundry equipment area complemented with shelves, a counter for folding, and a sink; a central charging station for everyone’s tech tools.

#2 Better Designed Home Offices

Renovating a room into a home office or improving the design of an existing home office is expected to drive remodeling sales. In fact, searches for home offices were up 108%, according to the 2021 Houzz Emerging Home Design Trends Report. Expect to see more flexible furniture and hardware options in the new year as demand increases.

#3 Outdoor Entertainment Areas

More back yards will turn into 2nd kitchens or elaborate playground areas. Despite the rising costs of lumber, it is anticipated that larger decks or deck renovations will be in demand. You may also see more elaborate landscaping or lighting as people will want to spend more time outside of their home.

#4 Glass Windows and Doors

Since more time is spent at home remodelers are anticipating more orders for replacement windows and doors with more or better glass. There are likely to be more garage-style glass doors that roll up for an edgier look installed. With vinyl sided homes more common, additional windows and doors may be easier to add.