New Move: The Batman opening March 4, 2022


You’ve probably seen at least one Batman movie in your lifetime. By now most people know the beginning of Batman. Young Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents by a thug after leaving the Opera House. This film picks up 2 years after Bruce Wayne is into his crusade against crime in Gotham City.

He’s allied with upstanding cop Jim Gordon, but nothing prepares them for a chillingly planned series of atrocities by a macabre masked murderer who leaves fiendish puzzles with each victim. The murderers’ cryptic puzzles are left for Batman to solve. As the investigation proceeds the curtain is slowly pulled back on an even greater conspiracy. Surprisingly, the real riddle is how the killer’s twisted motive ties back to Batman himself.

The Batman is barely a superhero movie and much of the action takes place in the dark of night. It’s more of a detective movie and a gangster movie all rolled into one. Some may consider it a horror movie. This isn’t a movie for children. Far from the bloodless cartoonish Batman or Dark Knight Batman movies, this movie is strictly for adults. It’s hard to understand how this film received a PG-13 rating. The film will immerse you in a nerve-shredding three hours of escalating dread and simmering pain spiced with some astonishingly nasty touches. 


Zoë KravitzSelina Kyle / Catwoman
Robert PattinsonBruce Wayne / Batman
Paul DanoEdward Nashton / The Riddler
Barry KeoghanOfficer Stanley Merkel
Amber SiennaIceberg Lounge Hostess
Colin FarrellOswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
Peter SarsgaardDistrict Attorney Gil Colson
John TurturroCarmine Falcone
Andy SerkisAlfred Pennyworth
Jeffrey WrightJames Gordon

Produced by 

Dylan Clarkproducer
Simon Emanuelexecutive producer
Walter Hamadaexecutive producer
Toby Heffermanassociate producer
Matt Reevesproducer
Michael E. Uslanexecutive producer
Chantal Nong Voexecutive producer

Music by 

Michael Giacchino