New Music: Elaine Elias releases Quietude on October 14


Eliane Elias, the 2022 GRAMMY® win for Best Latin Jazz Album for Mirror Mirror is releasing a new recording titled Quietude. Eliane is an internationally celebrated virtuoso pianist, alluring vocalist, composer and arranger. For this recording Eliane Elias returns to her Brazilian bossa nova roots.

Quietude is a showcase of Eliane’s sensuous Portuguese vocals. The release arrives after two brilliant recordings that reveal what an adventurous, multifaceted artist she is. 2019’s Love Stories featured soft-focused classic songs and originals mostly sung in English and arranged with full orchestral momentum. In contrast, in 2021 she delivered the masterwork Mirror Mirror, a dazzling wall-to-wall duo instrumental piano excursion with friends Chick Corea and Chucho Valdés.

On Quietude, the piano takes a lower profile with Eliane’s intoxicating, intimate singing prevailing often with acoustic guitar support in a swinging bossa nova sensibility. The vocalist-guitarist duo brings the authentic tradition, but in a very personal and expressive way through Eliane’s harmonic approach as revealed in these arrangements.