New Music: Nickleback releases “Get Rollin” Nov. 18th


The Multi-platinum rock band Nickleback hasn’t released new material since releasing Feed the Machine in 2017. On November 18th they will release, Get Rollin’, their 10th studio album. A new music video for the opening track, “San Quentin,” is available for viewing on Youtube.

The new song sounds shockingly heavy and even had a bit of a metalcore twinge to it. “San Quentin,” is a song Chad Kroeger was inspired to write after meeting the warden of the San Quentin prison while attending a birthday party for celebrity TV host and food aficionado Guy Fieri.

“It’s actually interesting because I think Nickelback fans would know for sure,” guitarist Ryan Peake told WRAT in a recent interview when asked if fans would recognize a song as heavy as this one as being a Nickelback tune. “I don’t think it’s unusual, that type of song, for us,” he continued, “It’s not necessarily indicative of the whole album, but as far as rock, it’s a heavy rock song. And if you’ve seen us live, you would definitely get it, too. I think it’s nice, I kind of like that people are feeling like it’s a surprise that we could write or we could have rock songs like that in our repertoire.”