Finch- a Post-apocalyptic Adventure


Director: Miguel Sapochnik | 

Stars: Tom HanksCaleb Landry JonesMarie WagenmanLora Martinez-Cunningham

Release Date: November 5, 2021

Finch, a movie starring Tom Hanks, has him (Finch) on a post-apocalyptic earth, with a robot built to protect the life of his creator’s beloved dog.

It looks like the end for the human race, so, before he dies, Finch wants to create a robot to care for his dog. The world is scary; devastating storms come on quickly, and it’s accepted knowledge that people might kill each other for individual survival. Offsetting the bleak situations is Finch’s robot creation. “Jeff” (Caleb Landry Jones) isn’t just mechanical, he’s an artificial intelligence miracle, full of optimism, hope, and humor. As Jeff learns about the world, he behaves like a kid, making “human” mistakes and experiencing big feelings. A frustrated Finch occasionally yells at Jeff and says mean things (“shut up,” “you’re a disappointment”); a lesson for viewers how deeply the harshness of these words can hurt. Other language includes “hell” and “s–t.” Finch is seen nude from the side, with no sensitive parts exposed, and he likes to drink whiskey. A flashback shows a brief moment of gun violence in the background.